Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) – Spin-off Analysis

November 7, 2022

Strategy: Aventine Canadian Equity (“ACE”) Fund: 4.3% weight

BAM recently announced that it was going to de-consolidate its operations to spin-off its Asset Management division and unlock value. The new BAM will pay 90% of distributable earnings as a dividend to its shareholders and management expects the dividend to grow at approximately 15-20% per year. For every 4 shares of BAM currently held, investors will receive 1 share of new BAM and retain their shares in the new holding company, Brookfield Capital Corp (BN-US). The new Brookfield Capital will hold:

  • 75% of BAM (Brookfield Asset Management)
  • 27% of BIP (Brookfield Infrastructure Partners)
  • 48% of BEP (Brookfield Renewable Partners)
  • 65% of BBU (Brookfield Business Partners)
  • 100% of BPG (Brookfield Property Group) **

**For the purpose of this analysis, and for conservatism, we are ignoring all of the Brookfield Asset Management carried interest and the Insurance Assets

** In our valuation we apply a 20% discount to the purchase of price of BPG

As such, Brookfield Capital Corp will have $392 Billion of fee-paying assets and a significant tilt towards real assets with Real Estate, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy comprising approximately 55% of AUM.

The transaction could unlock significant value for BAM shareholders, as the new BAM would warrant one of the highest valuation ratios in the industry. One of the most important factors in deciding an asset management company’s multiple, is related to their payout ratio. With a 90% payout ratio, we believe BAM warrants a Distributable Earnings (DE) multiple between 15x and 20x.

Brookfield Asset Management has a long history of operating in every type of market cycle and has maintained its dominant position its industry. It has nearly an endless source of capital through both the public and private markets and has a tremendous track record of growing NAV as well as fee generating assets. We believe that the ACE Fund will be handsomely rewarded through price appreciation and dividends from its holding in Brookfield Asset Management Stock, and the subsequently de-consolidated group of Brookfield stocks.

We believe that the spin-off will be a catalyst for the shares and should occur before the end of 2022.


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