ACE Fund: Manager Letter July 2014

July 31, 2014



31 JULY 2014
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The ACE Fund posted a slightly negative return (-0.1%) during the month of July.  Our portfolio drifted slightly lower on very little news or volume.  The gains in July were driven by quarterly reports from some of our largest holdings (Open Text,  Easyhome and Firstservice), but were offset by weakness in energy.



ACE Fund  (Class A) -0.2% 4.9%
ACE Fund  (Class F) -0.1% 5.1%
TSX Total Return Index 1.4% 7.9%


AMG 200 (Class A) $104.88
AMG 300 (Class F) $105.13


Despite the ACE Fund’s unit price remaining relatively flat (-0.1%) in July, underneath the surface there was much more excitement.  The summer months can be very volatile and difficult to decipher given the lack of liquidity in the market, particularly for our small-mid cap positions.  We believe that it is often best to just hold steady on your long positions until you hear news that matters instead of selling because “someone must know something”.  We have been using the current round of quarterly reports as our guide and have had over 80% of our holdings reporting in the last three weeks.  August so far looks to be a very promising month as the operational results released by most of our positions have exceeded market forecasts.  Looking at the Canadian market overall we have been very encouraged with the results this quarter as earnings expectations have been exceeded by an average of 5.2% which represents earnings growth of 22% year over year.
With respect to our individual positions, we had very favorable quarterly reports and operational updates from both Easyhome (one of the stocks we have featured on our website as a “top pick”) and from Open Text which drove their stock prices up 19.0% and 18.4% on the month, respectfully. On the negative side, despite no news from the company and only positive news from the industry, we witnessed the shares of Essential Energy Services decline 17% in July. This was particularly frustrating as we remain very bullish on this company’s prospects over the next few years (we did take advantage of the decline to acquire a few more shares).  As of the date of this update and subsequent to the month end, Essential has now reported their second quarter results and the stock has since rallied over 16%.

We are always actively looking for new ideas and have recently added a new US name to the portfolio, an ethanol producer named Green Plains Inc., which we believe can take advantage of the current depression in corn prices (-16% in 2014) to generate extraordinary profits over the next few quarters.  They have also proven to be an excellent consolidator within this industry and we believe that it is likely they will use this period of high free cash flow to add capacity.  Just this morning they announced a 100% increase to their dividend and a large share buyback which is always welcome news.  Similar to our short position in Potash Corp, which we recently covered for an 8% gain, this investment is more “tactical” in nature as we watch to see how industry and regulatory events play out within the ethanol market in the US. For now though, it appears that all of the inputs are lining up perfectly for continued strength in the stock.

Also, for those so inclined we have produced the Fund’s first set of Financial Statements, for the semi-annual stub period ending June 30th, 2014. You may access these from the link in the “Downloads” section at the top right of this email.  The ACE Fund produces statements for unitholders twice a year, an unaudited set of semi-annual statements at June 30th and an audited (KPMG) set of annual statements as at December 31st.


We remain somewhat defensive in our positioning of the overall portfolio with a current cash weight of 10% and the long term treasuries call option (outlined last month) still in place.  Recall that this is designed to benefit from the flight to safety capital flows (and accompanying monetary policy response) that would transpire during a significant sell off in global equity prices. We believe that the North American markets should advance further this year given the strong round of earnings out of the US and Canada, but we continue to remain cautious given the various geopolitical events that are unfolding globally and whose outcomes are almost impossible to predict.  We expect to add alpha over time through superior, fundamentals-driven security selection and prudent risk management, and remain confident that our portfolio companies have solid market positions and immediate catalysts for material growth.  At the same time we believe that we have been accumulating shares in these companies at what will become evident as materially discounted equity valuations.


Easyhome (EH) 5.0%
Firstservice (FSV) 5.0%
Open Text (OTC) 4.7%
Enghouse Systems (ESL) 4.7%
Magellan Aerospace (MAL) 4.5%
Canam Group (CAM) 4.5%


Market Capitalization ($B) $3.9
Expected EPS Growth 27%
Forward Price-to-Earnings 12.6x
Price-to-Cash Flow 9.0x
Dividend Yield 1.6%
Return on Equity 11%


While we were disappointed to post a slightly negative return in July, we recognize that the key to our investment success over time will be our ability to generate consistently positive absolute returns with low volatility.  This might sound simple, but it requires unrelenting commitment and a passion for success that drives us, your managers, to produce insightful, non-consensus research views and then hold the conviction to concentrate in only our best ideas.

If you would like to hear more about our portfolio, process and investment style we would be pleased if you would  join us for a lunch discussion in our boardroom at 2 Bloor West, Suite 3400 on September 10, 2014 at noon.  Please contact us at our personal emails or through in advance if you would like to attend this lunch.

We hope that you will continue to follow us and consider allowing us to manage some of your savings alongside our own.  


Andrew, Jim & James 

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